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Author Q&A on Dolly: Her Story

Jane Pinel, Author – Dolly: Her Story

Q: What is Dolly’s story about?
A: A totally engaging story focusing on the life of one woman whose life represents the drama and turmoil of the entire 20th century and the challenges of starting over.

Q: Why did you decide to write this story?
A: It’s a universal story of immigration, wars, loss, starting over, love, and triumph.

Q: What was the most challenging part of writing this book?
A: Trying to decide whose voice to use in the telling, third person, Dolly’s, or mine. I ended up using all three.

Q: How different was life for women in the farm community of Canada from life in Boston?
A: Farming and having babies was the life of a woman in Black Rock, New Brunswick. The city of Boston offered many other choices.

Q: How was life different in 1912 from the life of women today?
A: Women were still expected to stay home or work as secretaries, nurses or teachers. If you married you could no longer teach.

Q: What research did you do? What were your best sources?
A: My best sources were the tapes I made over many years of my mother’s memories, the stories of her brothers and sisters and the help of the Bathurst, New Brunswick library.

Q: What are the important themes of your book?
A: Creating one’s one life while trying to fulfill a loved one’s dying wish.

Q: How long did it take you to write Dolly?
A: Many years off and on.

Q: Did writing your mother’s life change you in any way?   
A: It made me wiser in seeing my mother’s life as an adult, feeling her losses and loves.

Q: What was the most satisfying part of this project?
A: Finally finishing it and seeing the book.

Q: What do you hope that readers take away from reading this book?
A: Hope, and the courage to take positive steps in life.

Q: Why did you choose to publish independently?
A: Time. I’m too old to wait for a publisher to be interested and then wait two more years to see the finished product.

Q: Where can readers get a copy?
A: At most bookstores,, and on the Gallery at Wellsweep website

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