Dolly: Her Story

Dolly: Her Story Book Cover
Dolly: Her Story

Dolly’s life spanned the history of the 20th century, from farm life to the walk on the moon. The second child in a family of ten children, the death of her mother and father launched her from a tiny farming village in northern New Brunswick, Canada, to the streets of Boston. She trained to be a nurse, was involved in World War l, the Spanish Flu Epidemic, the financial Crash of 1929, the changing world of women, and World War ll, all while trying to honor her commitment to her dying mother to “please keep my children together.”

A gripping story of courage, hard work and love of family.

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A True Story as Gripping as the Best Fiction!

By Sarah Evans on March 1, 2014

If an author wrote the early losses that Dolly overcame in a novel, one would say it was unbelievable! But Dolly is true and written to masterfully interweave Dolly’s words from tapes with rich descriptions of a child’s life that reveals the sharp spirit of survival in the child’s first observations of rural life and death. The story is both unique and universal. All immigrant families can identify with her immense losses and responsibilities – the card dealt. This book is not only heart-felt read, it is an American, a Canadian, and Irish, and a universal story of starting over, and over again. As a social studies teacher, I recommend this book for young adults, women, men, and American Studies!

For Anyone who has faced the challenge of starting over, and over.

By Lesley J Ericsson on February 18, 2014

A totally engaging story focusing on the life of one woman whose life represents the drama and turmoil of the entire 20th century. It brought me from tears to laughter and back again. Although this is the true story of one woman, it speaks to everyone who has ever faced the challenges of starting over again – whether because of leaving one’s homeland, loss of family, loss of home or loss of financial security. It is a testament to hope, strength and determination and how to survive with grace, dignity and love of family.

The Picnic Basket

The Picnic Basket - Book Cover
The Picnic Basket

Picnics are a wonderful solution to the things that sometimes hold us back from entertaining when we would like to. No worries about how your house looks, no house cleanup afterward.

From Picnics for One, to Occasion Picnics this book leads the reader through a description of Picnics of Love, Spectator Picnics, Backpack Picnics and Theme Picnics, offering suggestions for How to Choose your Guests, Getting Ready, Settings, Equipment, Wines and other Beverages, and wonderful recipes for each type of picnic.

The Picnic Basket is a well written guide to any kind of picnic and the pages are full of unusual suggestions of entertaining, picnic style.

Quote from the book: “One day we impulsively called two friends and said, ‘Get your backyard ready! Dress in your fancy clothes. We’re coming with an elegant picnic, crystal glasses, soup tureen, the works.’

Who could turn down an invitation like that?

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