Decision Time

Morning came. The sun was out. It was a beautiful day. The children had breakfast. Lesley seemed to be in fine shape this morning. We didn’t move from the trailer park. Still in shock, I guess. The scare of losing Les the night before made us think deeply about what we were doing.

In the afternoon Sandy took a nap and Lesley sat at the table drawing pictures. Roland and I sat on the couch to talk.

”How do you feel about going on to San Francisco?” he said.

“I’m really feeling homesick.”

“Me too.

“I guess there are great opportunities here in California” he said.

“But it’s going to cost a lot more to live, buy land and start a business.”

Roland said, “The thing is, where do we want to be when all is said and done? Where do we want the children to grow up?

“Why would we take them so far away from their grandparents,” I added.

We spent all afternoon and part of the evening talking and thinking about this great move. We both missed New England and our families. By morning the next day we had decided. We would return to New England. We spent the day checking out the trailer and car, packing up, filling the water tank again, while letting the children play and rest.

Tomorrow we would head south in the morning, back down the Grapevine grade and the Ridge Route, back through Los Angeles, back to Florence and Harry’s ranch in Escondido, where we would tell  the family of our new plans.

Sounds easy. We had no idea what was ahead.

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