We Made It

NOTE: There is a blank section in our journal here. So I’ll fill in what I remember.

We packed up the trailer and the car, said goodbye to Uncle Edwin, and took off for California. As I recall it was a very long one day drive so maybe we stayed somewhere for one night. I don’t remember. But finally we arrived at Florence’s house and met her new cowboy husband. He looked exactly like a cowboy should look, tall, skinny, sun darkened face and a big smile for us.

Scan 1

Nancy (Helen’s daughter) Florence, Cowboy Harry (holding Lesley), and Roland (holding Sandy)

Florence and Harry had their own small ranch with a few horses. Harry insisted that Roland and I try out riding their horses. We did our best. Roland on horseRoland ready to gallop off.ScanJane not far behind.

We had a great visit with Florence and Harry, whom we liked very much. We parked our trailer at their ranch. From there we took side trips around southern California, Escondido, San Diego, Ramona, and more.

Roland found a job building another small house. He was in charge of a group of Mexicans. The first day they were pouring the cement foundation. When he came home that night he said, “All I knew how to say in Spanish was agua and mas agua.” (Water and more water). He thought the job would last about one month.

Lesley loved the ranch but became quite worried when Harry showed her a huge hypodermic needle he was using to give a horse a shot. She was afraid it was for her, but was very sympathetic when she realized it was for the horse.


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