Time To Move On

Journal   June 1953

Roland has had all kinds of building jobs offered to him. There are good opportunities available around Phoenix. This road from Phoenix to Glendale will be opened up to Flagstaff. We talked about staying in the area but decided to push on to investigate the possibilities in California.

The children and I went shopping in Glendale this afternoon to buy a few gifts. Found a nice Indian purse as well as a few other things.

Roland and I started for the movies tonight but went to an auction instead. Then we stopped at the ice cream shop in Glendale where we each ordered a ” Zombie,” advertised as  “the biggest sundae in the world.”  Was it ever, about a half gallon of ice cream, topped with banana, nuts cherries, chocolate sauce, and more. A grand finale to our visit in Arizona.

Tomorrow we will start packing up the trailer to leave for Escondido, California.

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