Trailer Tales Chapter 9

Journal February 18, 1953
Early start again – around 10:30 but we only have about 50 miles to go to Miami. We stopped at Deerfield Beach to see Joe and Priscilla (cousins). On the way there we crossed the waterway. A boat was going through. They had two men, one on each end of a crank – turning the bridge to the side and back.

After crossing the bridge I saw a huge land crab – what a disgusting looking creature, about 5 – 6 inches high, walking with body high, on straight legs. They live in holes in the ground. In some places the land is covered with their holes.

When we reached the home of Joe and Priscilla they came out to see the trailer. Their little daughter, Jeannie, left her favorite teddy bear. We’ll send it back.

We stopped at a farmer’s market and carnival. At Miami we drove down NW 2nd street to find the trailer park. Decided we were so close to the venetian blind place that we would stop. After driving blocks we finally found the street number but it was a Baptist Church. We asked a postman. He said we were on NE 2nd street and to go over two blocks and cross the tracks – so we did. Then we had to drive up NW 2nd about ten blocks. When we finally got there a sign on the door said, “Moved to new location 287 N 67th street (about 35 blocks away. So we started up Biscayne Blvd and got in a terrific traffic jam. The children were crying.

Finally we stopped at Ollie’s Trailer Park on Biscayne Blvd.

Note: Up to this point Lesley had played with the other children in each trailer park so we were not expecting problems in this one. I am mortified that we didn’t react sooner to the threat she was facing. It definitely traumatized her. She was a sweet, gentle little girl who never expected to be bullied.

Journal February 19, 1953
Bad day! There is a broken down playground a short distance behind our trailer. Les went over to play. About 20 minutes later she came home all dirt and sobbing. She said, “a boy hit me all over the place.” We cleaned her up and sent her back. A few minutes later home she came. This time we told her to suggest to the boy that they take turns on the swing together pushing each other. If he still hit her to hit him back as hard as she could. I had to walk back with her until she saw no one was there. About 20 minutes later home she came – a little girl had gouged her cheek with her fingernails. We drove around the rest of the morning looking for a nicer trailer court. We found none. Also food is very expensive here. We decided to see Miami today and push on tomorrow.

We crossed the causeway. Saw Crandon Beach and Miami Beach. Never saw so many lovely and unusual homes as in Miami. Lesley went swimming at Miami beach. Sandy didn’t like her toes touching the sand or water so she lifted them up when I tried to lower her to the sand.

To bed early to leave tomorrow.

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