Trailer Tales Chapter 3

Journal January 9, 1953 (Roland)
Had about a foot of snow last night and today. It seems to have turned to rain now. Poor Les will feel bad if it is all gone.
Jane’s mom is not going to the hospital until next Tuesday. Heard on the radio winds of 100 mph in Florida. Perhaps we’re lucky to be here.
The stove is still giving us trouble. The roof of the trailer looks like the city dump with our varied assortment of tin cans on the chimney.

Note: The stove was our heater, which stood in the corner by the door. It was run by kerosene. You had to turn it on to let the kerosene run in before lighting it, but not too much because it would flare up to burn up the extra kerosene. It smoked a bit because we were parked in the driveway, sheltered by the house and didn’t draw well.
We had a TV, a little Admiral 7”.

The picture on the TV set is getting worse. By laying on the floor and using several mirrors one can sometimes catch a glimpse of the picture as it goes by – too bad mother’s clothes pole is not higher.

Journal January 10, 1953  
Rained all day – good old New England sunshine. We can hardly wait to get going.
Lesley has been wonderful since her operation. It sure is good to see her back in top condition. Sandy has a runny nose – it may be her new teeth.
Spent lazy day yesterday. Must get started packing our stuff away.
Our parents were having dinner with us when Mom Pinel had a pain in her side and went off to Deaconess Hospital. Hope it was nothing serious.

Journal  January 19, 1953
Jane’s mom did not have an operation after all, neither did my mom. We’ll leave soon. Now we need to get organized. We have to move our furniture to Kincaides this Saturday morning if we can get everyone coordinated. We are talking about leaving for Florida the weekend from next Sunday????? The trailer has been very comfortable up to now. I think I’ll get new brakes on the car. I’m going to varnish it this weekend.

Journal  January 23, 1953
Stove plugged – was not getting oil.

Journal  January 24, 1953
Moved furniture all morning with help.

Journal  January 25, 1953
Varnish still sticky on the car.
Journal  January 26, 1953
Gave notice at work. Varnish still sticky.

Journal  January 29, 1953
Gave car another coat of varnish.

Journal  January 30, 1953
We hope to leave Monday on our trip. Jane, who is asleep on my shoulder, got our banking done today.

Journal  February 1, 1953
Jane’s birthday. Too many candles, twenty seven years old.

Journal  February 2, 1953
W’re off!!!! California here we come!

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