Trailer Tales Chapter 2

No sooner did Roland give up his job than our plans started to fall apart. Lesley was sick too often with colds.  The doctor said she needed her tonsils taken out. At the same time both our mothers became sick, one in the hospital possibly needing back surgery. Our trip needed to be delayed.

We took Lesley back up to our doctor in Massachusetts for surgery. She and her grandmother were in the same hospital.

Journal  (Roland)
Because  Lesley and her mom were in Massachusetts,  I was living alone in, what the boys at work called, “Pinel’s sardine can,” as I finished the last week of work.
On December 20th my friend, Russ, helped me hook up the trailer to the new trailer hitch on our Ford Station Wagon. The trip to Boston was uneventful except for the trailer riding a little low on the front end.

We had a nice Christmas. Lesley’s tonsils out just a week before.

Since we won’t be leaving for awhile I have been out looking for a job ever since Christmas. I hope I don’t have this much trouble in Florida finding a job (Will sure be glad when we get started). Money is a little bit of a problem right now. Too bad I don’t own a printing press.

“What?” exclaimed both girls as they read this. “You’re getting ready to drive across the country with us and money is a problem?”

Les & Sandy

Christmas picture of Lesley and Sandra

Journal January 1, 1953  (Roland)
We spent New Years Eve in Boston at a movie. We are now living in the trailer parked in my parent’s driveway in Quincy, Massachusetts.

in driveway

I am still looking for work. I hope now that the New Year has come that I will have better luck.
There was a nice little snow fall last night, so we all went coasting this morning. The kids seem to be coming down with colds again (I hope not).
No news yet as to when Jane’s mom will go in for back surgery.

Journal January 2, 1953 (Jane)
Roland went job hunting again – no job. Bought himself a new hat for luck. Mother is feeling fine but doesn’t know her hospital date yet. Lesley shook her cold but the baby still has hers.
We went to see the Ice Capades tonight. They were beautiful even though we had to sit with our heads against the roof, but we didn’t mind.

January 5, 1953 (Roland)
Got up this morning after a good nights sleep and kept my appointment with Monitor Electric. Got the job as design draftsman , at $1.70 per hour. I hope I make out OK. I feel guilty as I don’t know how long I’ll be able to work for them before we leave. Spent the afternoon shopping with Jane. Her mom is to go into the hospital Friday, operation on Wednesday.

Journal January 6, 1953 (Roland)
Jane took me to work today at the new job. (I think the word she used was “fascinating”) – and how.
Les is getting very restless and irritable, slightly competitive with Sandy for attention. She is very anxious to start for “Talifornia.”

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  1. Great to read this all after finding the journal. As I recall our laughter, not only were you concerned with money, but we were in hysterics that Dad said he could not wait to get going, in the same paragraph where the journal was discussing tonsils, teeth, and grandmother’s in surgery!

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